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"I've been seeing Jeff for years to support my running habit.  He does a fantastic job of keeping you loose and injury free when healthy and putting you back to together when you're not.  He knows exactly where the problems are and how to attack them.  Great guy too.  Highly recommend him to runners and anyone else in need of tuning up."

-Matt D.

Being a competitive CrossFit athlete, I need my body to be functioning at full capacity all the time. The treatment that Jeff gave me was over and above my expectations and left me feeling prepared to train hard and compete. In the days and weeks after my session, it felt as if training was more effortless; that I only had to give 80% to match my 100% from before I saw Jeff. Highly recommended! 


Paul Roller

Strength and Conditioning Coach


If you are looking for a top-notch massage therapist then look no further - Jeff is the best.  I was having some exercise-related soreness and a friend recommended I give him a try.  His bedside (well - tableside) manner is great and he is strong, and I mean STRONG.  Let's be honest - many masseurs just don't have the juice to go deep - Jeff does!  He is an athlete (swimmer) and will marshal those resources to eradicate your trouble spots.  Book an appointment immediately - your muscles will thank you.

Nathan W

I crawled into Jeff's office in horrible pain as I trained to get back in shape. Between the pounding of boxing and intense stretching of  Bikram, my body just didn't want to hold up. As one part got better the other got worse and so forth... Until I found Jeff! Jeff listened to me and used trigger point techniques and deep tissue massage to work my muscles to a point where I could get back in the gym and more important, was comfortable again! After just a few sessions, I felt like another person and I was back in the ring! 


- Marissa 

"Jeff has a healing touch. As a dancer, my body is under intense pressure during performance and rehearsal. I am especially grateful for Jeff's sensitivity, and his ability to skillfully and intuitively understand what my body may need for ongoing holistic health and vitality. I highly recommend movement professionals visit Jeff!"


Fana Fraser

Performer with Camille A. Brown & Dancers

Rehearsal Director for Ailey II

Image by Whitney Browne

As a runner, sports massage is important to my fitness program. I began seeing Jeff about a year ago as I began to approach training in a more holistic way. It’s made a difference in my pre and post-race workouts and recovery sessions. Jeff is very attentive to whatever is currently going on with regard to any specific needs. He wants to make sure he spends time working on what’s important. I am always impressed that he remembers where we left off, and if I’ve recovered from this or that. I’ve seen Jeff for massage following tendon repair in addition to cluster headaches, in addition to the bodywork related to fitness. Since I work in technology, I’m sitting at a desk most of the day, so even when I don’t have a specific ache or pain related to running or anything else, I look forward to seeing Jeff for some good lower-back/lumbar work.


I’ve been seeing Jeff for over a year with obvious results, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon. 


Josh D.

"Jeff has been instrumental in my rehab. He listens to what my body needs on each visit and tailors his treatment accordingly. I wouldn't have been back exercising so soon without his help.” 

Emily S

I’m an opera singer who went to Jeff to address specific singing related tension. Jeff was very thorough in asking me questions and understanding exactly where my tension was and what was causing it. Throughout the massage, Jeff explained everything that he was doing and gave me instruction on how I could replicate some of his techniques on my own. Jeff was even able to work on my diaphragm and release the tension in my breathing! I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for specific and mindful massage therapy with long lasting effects. 

 - Josh S.

"Two years ago I had reconstructive foot surgery, which left me with extensive amounts of scar tissue and limited mobility in my legs and feet.  I began seeing Jeff in the hopes of accelerating my recovery, reducing the scar tissue and getting back a full range of motion.  What a great decision!  Jeff's hands have been miracle workers on my body.  After each session I could feel my body progressing towards recovery!  Now fully recovered, I continue to see Jeff to address muscle issues (tightness, fatigue, etc.) that come with having an active lifestyle."

Danielle D., attorney

I have been coming to see Jeff for over 2-years, and cannot say how critical his services have been in keeping away my back/hip pain which has bothered me for years. 

From my first visit, I could tell Jeff was a professional and had deep technical expertise on how to both relieve my pain, as well as prevent it going forward.

He always takes the time to explain why he's doing something, as well as share other examples of stretches I can do in my own time.

My lower-back scoliosis had been bothering me since college, and Jeff has single-handedly been able to relieve my pain.


Mike Y.

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