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Massage Therapy: The Sweet Spot Where Art Meets Science

Artists get a bad rap for not being pragmatic, while scientists get a bad rap for not being creative.

In reality, however, great artists are gifted with profound intelligence, and notable scientists make great discoveries by thinking outside the box.

The most eminent names in art and science belong to those who possess knowledge within and beyond the parameters of their profession. This is what makes them truly genius, as they view the world through the prism of integrated philosophies, instead of looking at ideas and objects in isolation.


Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Jean Cocteau, Howard Hughes: polymaths from a bygone era who revolutionized life as we know it—all dabbled in diverse fields to make their unique contributions to society.

It is with this spirit of holistic knowledge that I approach my craft as a professional massage therapist—integrating the concept of art and science to provide relief and strength to a versatile clientele of dancers, triathletes, aerialists and more!

Knotting Out Your Troubles

When we think of massage therapy or a deep tissue treatment, we tend to think of a tranquil environment, laced with white sheets and scented conditioning oils, accented with dim lights, and underscored with serene background music that defines a dreamy getaway.

There are a number of problems with this image of professional massage treatment, starting with the words, “dreamy getaway”.

In my 15+ years of experience in deep tissue, sports and medical massage treatments, I’ve discovered the importance of interpreting “therapy” as a part of routine, rather than an episodic indulgence.

By treating relaxation as a necessity (as opposed to self-pampering), many of our chronic illnesses such as neck and shoulder pain can be avoided. At the end of the day, it’s not about going on a mental and physical vacation; it’s about nourishing your health to increase power and performance in everyday life.

My Philosophy

New York is home to 8.4 million people, and growing.

That’s over 8 millions dreams, waiting to be pursued and fulfilled.

In a hustling bustling city of hopeful dreamers racing to the finish-line, there’s likely to be a fair share of runners who begin at lightning speed. Lack of technique makes these ambitious runners finish last as they move at snail’s pace after exerting their bodies.

Whether you’re a Wall Street broker or a Broadway actor, a marathon runner or a ballet dancer—trigger point therapy can work wonders for your personal and professional fulfillment.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve done the whole 9 yards before coming to this conclusion.

I’ve studied ballet, done weight-training, taken Spin classes, practiced Tai Chi and Pilates—and now, swim daily as I balance work and life with the binding philosophy of massage therapy.

Visit me at Sports Massage at 7th in Midtown, New York, and reenergize your body!

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