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5 Quick, Simple Solutions To Neck Pain

Is neck pain taking control of your life? You’re not alone. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, neck pain is one the most common pain conditions (affecting 15%) in America.


Typically characterized by stiffness or severe pain, you can feel pain anywhere in your neck. In addition, the pain may spread to other parts of your body, such as arms, shoulders or upper back. Your arm may feel numb or weak.

It’s widely believed that neck pain affects only among the aged population. This isn’t true. Several studies suggest that it’s rising among the youth as well. Regardless of age, acute or debilitating neck pain can cause a great deal of discomfort to individuals. It can restrict their mobility and reduce quality of life.

Causes of neck pain

Neck pain can be due to a range of factors, including but not limited to:

Pillow position: The wrong pillow position can contribute to a stiff neck. You need to place the pillow in such a way that it supports your head, neck and shoulders. In other words, it should neither be too high nor too flat.

Poor lifestyle habits: Poor posture, overuse of neck muscles and prolonged slouching while using the computer or smartphone can strain your neck.

Stress and anxiety: Chronic stress and anxiety can take a toll on your body, especially your neck and shoulders. It can tighten the neck and shoulder muscles and cause pain.

Injuries: Different types of injuries can lead to neck pain. These include falls, car accident, sports injuries, whiplash and more.

Serious medical conditions: Certain medical issues, such as arthritis, degenerative disc diseases, fibromyalgia, meningitis and more can result in neck pain.

Tips to reduce neck pain

Heat therapy

Heat therapy can provide respite if you’re dealing with mild discomfort or stiffness. Place a heating pad on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes every few hours. However, make sure it’s not too hot. Another use tip is to take a warm shower. Hot shower helps relax tense muscles.


If stress is the main cause of your neck pain, meditation will do wonders for your mind and body. According to a study published in The Journal of Pain, meditation can alleviate persistent neck pain.


Regular exercise is essential for reducing neck pain. Strength training exercises, in particular, can strengthen the trapezius muscle, which is primarily responsible for the movement of neck and the upper back.

Good living habits

Always sleep on your back and carry weight evenly to alleviate neck pain. In addition to this, avoid smoking as it slows down tissue repair.


Last but not least, get massage regularly. Integrated deep tissue massage is the most effective way to reduce neck pain.

This form of massage focuses on relaxing tense muscles and is a great treatment for neck soreness, stiffness or excessive pain. For integrated deep tissue massage in NYC, book an appointment with our licensed therapist. We specialize in deep tissue, medical massage and sports massage.

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