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Massage Therapy: Signs You May Need It

Massage is a powerful therapy to rejuvenate your mind and body. A massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues, which help improve an individual’s physical and mental well-being.

But, how do you decide when to get a massage? Here are some signs that will help you make the right decision:


You’re an athlete

Massage offers many physical, physiological and psychological benefits to athletes. If you’re an athlete, you should schedule regular massages.

Massage therapy promotes blood circulation, strengthens muscles and their flexibility, and reduces body fat. Massage is an effective way to manage body pain and injuries (due to strenuous physical activities). It helps keep athletes’ bodies fit and active and enhances muscular promote flexibility.

You have body pain / ache

Whether you have neck, back, shoulder or hip pain, a massage can alleviate muscle discomfort or pain. Improved blood circulation and endorphin production throughout the body during a massage can help relieve body pain/ aches.

You’ve been getting migraines

Have you been having migraines or tension headaches? It’s time to get a massage. Tension headaches occur when the head and back muscles contract. A regular massage can alleviate persistent stress and tension headaches.

You have insomnia

Can’t get enough sleep? Deep massage can reduce stress and promote relaxation, thereby promoting better sleep habits.

You are stressed out

Stress is a normal part of living. Massage is one of the best ways to manage everyday stress. A deep therapy massage reduces stress hormones and promotes endorphins within the body. Consequently, massage therapy can relax the mind.

You slouch

Do you keep slouching? Muscle stress can cause bad posture. Bad posture may result in muscle pain and back pain.

Since massage therapy helps relax the muscles, it’s a great technique to improve posture!

You need to turn your mood around

According to a research study, massage boosts levels of serotonin by 28 percent, and dopamine by 31 percent. Massage therapy is a natural mood enhancer.

If you haven’t had a massage in a long time, schedule an appointment at Sports Massage on 7th. Founded by licensed massage therapist Jeff Saxe, we specialize in integrated deep tissue massage therapy in NYC.

The massage therapy center offers tissue, sports and medical massage for athletes, working professionals, etc. at an unbeatable pricing!

From treating neck and shoulder pain to shin splints, Sports Massage on 7th is your answer to revitalizing your body, mind and soul. You can book a massage session online now.

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